My Work

Another Bigfoot is out there!
My friend Mark, who had no idea where I lived, randomly drove by my house and recognized Bigfoot in my front yard. Once he saw it in person he knew he had to have it, so we had a conversation and struck a deal. That weekend I delivered him, here he is at his new home with Mark and Eli.

Westport Winery Entrance Sign

I have worked with Kim and Blain at the Westport Winery in Aberdeen Washington on several projects and when they asked me to make an entrance sign I was more than excited. I wanted to made something that would last as long as the winery and hold up to the wind and salt by the coast, the letters are cut from 1/4 inch steel plate so this thing won't rust away anytime soon. At 28 inches tall and 25 feet long this is by far the largest sign I have made. If you've never been there go check it out, in addition to everything wine related, their restaurant is worth the drive itself.



 Life Sized Bigfoot 

This is the first life sized Bigfoot I made, he is made from 1/4 inch thick steel plate, is 8 feet 5 inches tall, and lives at the Westport Winery in Aberdeen Washington where you can go see him. I liked him so much I made a second one for my yard. If you would like your own I can make you one too!



More to come!